Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, this year has seemed to have flown by and no doubt we are all looking forward to 2021.

With the New Year coming up, we’d love for all new members looking to get started on their health & fitness journey to come join us for our 14 Day Kick Start beginning on Monday 11th Jan.

This program is great for anyone who is looking to get their health & fitness journey underway for the new year without any long term commitment or pressure. If you’re purely looking for something to get yourself into a routine/rhythm then we’d highly recommend giving this a crack! Plus you get a killer deal of $21 for unlimited sessions! It’s a great way to try our program and find if it’s the right fit for you.

Our usual rate is $26.50 per week over monthly term, so make sure to get in on this while you can!

If you’ve never been with us before  – come see what Chiseled is all about and give our group training interval workouts a try. Always a great bunch of people that get involved and get the guidance & support you need with an included starter meal plan.

If you’re new to the fitness scene, don’t worry we’ll have you covered and help you out in order to get into the swing of things in no time 🙂

Be sure to visit this link to learn more or register for the 14 Day Kick Start:


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to respond to this email or call 0277178958.

Hope to see you there!