Our results are in and we have our winner for the 4 Week Summer Slim Down!

Massive congratulations to Mandy Carter for taking it out!

We had so many good results come from this challenge and we’re super proud of everyone who took part. It was a super tough decision between Mandy and Marty who both did exceptionally well in this short space of 4 weeks.

Mandy dropped 4.8kg of body fat and gained 1.5kg of muscle which is an astonishing amount of muscle to add in such a short space of time. She also lost a total of 14cm from around her body! She really went hard and put in the effort and it has definitely paid off.

Our next runner up was Marty who lost 8kg of body fat and a total of 17cm which is absolutely amazing. However it was the addition of the muscle that just put Mandy on top as it’s not an easy job to do especially when dropping large amounts of body fat at the same time.

Remember this is all just in the space of 4 weeks! Amazing effort.

Mandy will receive $250 cash for taking out the top spot.

Thank you to everyone who took part and for all those continuing forward, we are stoked to have you on the team. Be sure to give us a like/follow on Facebook by clicking here