Here we have our winners for our recently completed 4 Week Weight Challenge 🤩🎉🎉
Sending out a huge well done to everyone who took part in this challenge! It was a great winter motivator/kick start for many people as we all know the cold and gloomy weather can put a dampener on workout motivation at times.
Massive congratulations to our top 3 winners who will receive the following prizes for their serious hard work!
🥇1st place: $150 cash + VPA supplement stack + 1 month of free membership. Total worth over $400
🥈2nd place: $100 cash + VPA protein powder + Two weeks free membership. Total Worth over $200
🥉3rd place: $50 cash + VPA protein powder. Total worth just over $100
Here are the winners…
1st place goes to Sam Wall-Harris who lost an amazing 11.2kg and 9.43% of his total body weight. 37cm lost in total!
2nd goes to Lucie Sneek who lost a very impressive 7.4kg and 8.73% of her total body weight. 31.5cm lost in total!
3rd place goes to Michelle Tavendale who lost an awesome 8.3kg and 8.51% of her total body weight. She lost 19.8cm in total!
Winners were based off of their total percentage of their body weight lost and we had some amazing results as shown by our top 3 winners in such a short space of 4 weeks 💪🏼💪🏼
Well done to our winners and also everyone who put an amazing effort in for this challenge. Sometimes just stepping out of your comfort zone is the biggest win of them all 💯