Here are our 6 Week Transformation Challenge top three winners!
What an amazing effort put in by the participants with amazing results. Thank you to everyone who took part and putting the time/effort in to make a positive change for yourself.
We only hold this big 6 Week Challenge twice per year, so if you missed out on this one you’ll have another chance towards the end of the year.
Here are the prizes for the top three:
1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250
We will also be giving out supplements to people who put an amazing amount of effort in but may have just missed out on a placing.
Here are the winners:
1st place: Phil Gurney lost 12.68% of his total body weight – 9.7kg
2nd place: Andrew Silcock lost 12.26% of his total body weight – 11kg
3rd place: Michelle Tavendale lost 11.78% of her total body weight – 12kg
Not much separating the top two placings! An amazing effort. Another special shout out to Michelle who also achieved 2nd place in our last 6 week challenge. She has lost 26kg in the last two challenges alone.
Another shout out to our next two runner ups Emma Donnelly and Rhondda McFall.
Emma lost 10.64% of her total body weight and Rhondda lost 10.55%. Super close.
Check out the photos above of our top three, awesome visual results!
Keep the positive habits up that you all built over the last 6 weeks and aim high! Good work to everyone!