You owe it to yourself to take that first step, no matter the obstacle.

We provide group training specializing in weight loss, located in the small town of Rangiora. Weight loss is a big struggle today in our society and many people sometimes just don’t know where to start, or have started only to quit later on down the track. At Chiseled Fitness we want to help you develop the body you want through losing that unwanted weight. Our goal is to get you towards  your fitness goal and actually achieve it because it is possible with the right guidance and workouts tailored towards you.

Unlike a typical gym, we guide you through the whole journey whether you are new to fitness or an experienced trainee. Our unique fat burning workouts are coupled with the coaching, support and accountability you need in order to keep you on track and  achieve your goal.

The environment you surround yourself in is a huge contributor in helping you to stay motivated and lose those unwanted kilos. That is why we place a huge emphasis on having a supportive and encouraging atmosphere within our sessions, plus it’s a super easy place to make some friends while you’re at it! Along with weight loss, our workouts help you to develop and tone up those muscles, so not only will you start feeling and looking great, but you’ll feel a lot stronger as well in your day to day life.



Weight loss and fat burning to really tone your body. Not to mention increased strength, and the increase in day-to-day energy that you get from improved overall health and fitness.

Each session lasts for 35 minutes. We have optional 45 minute sessions run throughout the week which you are welcome to stay for or leave at 30 minutes.

No experience is needed whatsoever to try our program. We will provide the guidance you require.

We provide many exercise modifications and substitutes depending on the area of injury. Rest assured that we will customize it to your needs. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure.

Yes you can! You can register for a free session on our website here.


Better Today, Stronger Tomorrow

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