We would like to extend a massive congratulations to Tina Summerfield who has received the first Client Of The Month award for 2020!

Now.. Tina isn’t too fond of having her photo taken and we respect that so we have included a photo of a session with her in it 🙂 That is the best we will get to having her in a photo!

Tina has been absolutely blitzing through sessions recently, especially during the Dec-Jan period of the New Year. She comes during breaks in her work and then back again in the evenings doing up to 3 sessions per day which is super commitment. She has recently hit her 300th session and is not far now from 400. Tina is truly on a roll!

It has been great seeing her progress with us and continuing to improve, build muscle and get stronger. Improvement and consistency is always key.

As a recipient of this award, Tina received a special certificate and a $75 Stirling Sports gift voucher.