Our membership structure has been changed and will be effective immediately when we re-open. These changes have been put in place not only due to the impact caused by Covid-19 for businesses and individuals financially but in order to keep Chiseled Fitness competitive. A huge thank you is in order for all our loyal members supporting us throughout the lock down period and joining our online platform for daily workouts to perform while at home.

To make Chiseled Fitness easier to access for new members the following changes have been made:

What is new:

All packages are now a monthly term. No more 6 or 12 month periods, no more cancellation fees or notice periods if you wish to end your membership (except letting us know 1 week prior before monthly package renews)

Membership Package Tiers & Pricing:
Tier 1 Silver: $26.50 p/w
Tier 2 Gold: Unlocked after 6 months $25.50 p/w
Tier 3 Platinum: Unlocked after 12 months $23.00 p/w
For everyone who has currently completed 6 months but less than 12, you will automatically be put on the Tier 2 Gold package. Everyone who has completed 12 months or more will be on Tier 3 Platinum.
If you have completed more than 6 months of membership and cancel, you will start back at Tier 1 Silver if you choose to rejoin the future.
This tier program is in place to reward our long term members.
We also have some paid in full options:
6 months: 10% off total price
12 months: 15% off total price (including 6 months at the rate of Tier 2 Gold)
These changes we believe will make our unique program much more accessible for prospective members to join while still providing top of line service for all your fitness & nutrition related needs.
If you wish to join please contact [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to get you started!