All packages are a monthly term.

No 6 or 12 month periods, no cancellation fees or notice periods if you wish to end your membership

(except letting us know 1 week prior before your monthly package renews)

Membership Package Tiers & Pricing:

Tier 1 Silver: $26.50 p/w

Tier 2 Gold: Unlocked after 6 months $25.50 p/w

Tier 3 Platinum: Unlocked after 12 months $23.00 p/w

For everyone who has completed 6 months but less than 12, you will automatically renewed on the Tier 2 Gold package.

Everyone who has completed 12 months or more will be renewed on Tier 3 Platinum.

Paid in full options:

6 months: 10% off total price

12 months: 15% off total price (including 6 months at the rate of Tier 2 Gold)


Getting started is the hardest part, let us help find the right program for you!