“I’m so grateful that I found this boot camp or should I say it found me. This is the only boot camp that is not only affordable but works for me. Tiz is approachable and really knows his stuff. The workouts definitively are ‘one size fits all’, it is both challenging and rewarding (you won’t be disappointed). It’s a lovely atmosphere to workout in with trainers who greet you as you arrive and leave. I’ve always found the people working out to be friendly, supportive and will encourage anyone even if they don’t know you. If I miss a training session I feel it the next time I go. I’d love to say a HUGE thanks to Tiziano Deerson for everything he has done since I started. It’s nice to know that even someone who has a disability (below knee amputee) can still work out just like everyone else. He doesn’t treat me any different and I like to be pushed. So what are you waiting for, this will be money well spent I promise X”

– Rebecca Edmonds

“I definitely I feel a lot more happier in the way I look and I am now much more confident in my own skin. I’ve definitely noticed I’ve gained muscle and my strength has improved a lot, and I don’t feel as bloated health wise anymore. I’ve gained a lot more energy in day to day life, plus the meal plan Tiz made has definitely changed my body completely. I’m not as tired, I feel more energized, I fit into my clothes nicely which is great! I’ll continue this journey as so far I’m very happy with the results I’ve gained from this program!

I highly recommend this to women or who want a real change in their life. To achieve the goals you got to work hard but it pays off for sure! Chiseled Fitness is the best boot camp and program I’ve ever been on.”

– Aimee-Anne Davis

“I highly recommend Chiseled Fitness Bootcamp. I’m really glad I joined this group. It has made a big impact in my lifestyle. Tiziano Deerson is a very good instructor, approachable, supportive and he gives a lot of encouragement to his clients. It is always a good workout every session in bootcamp. Guaranteed good results in just a month of working out with Chiseled Fitness. Looking forward to many more months of good outcome. Come and join us! Best decision ever.”

– Charo de Guzman

“I joined Chiseled fitness 4 weeks ago. So incredibly grateful to Tiz, Jack and all the members for their encouragement and for the results I have seen. This is a great way to lose weight, tone up and meet some very cool people. On a personal note, it is the first time in a long time that I have felt good about the work I am putting in – give Chiseled Fitness a go.”

– Darryn Ward

“I love this Bootcamp! I’ve never been able to stick with any exercise despite joining gyms a number of times, until I discovered boot camp. There’s a large number of sessions to suit everyone and it’s perfect for all abilities as there are different weights and goals to work towards, making sure we don’t settle.
I love how motivated everyone is and the encouragement and support keeps me on track.”

– Julie Wright

“I joined Chiseled Fitness almost 3 months ago now and in that time I have seen and felt some fabulous changes.
My body has firmed up, I’ve lost 6.3 kilos, I am so much stronger, I have much more energy which helps incredibly with my passion, which is owing, breeding and showing my beautiful Doberman’s.
I also feel so much better mentally and have a greater confidence. I still have a way to go but I have no doubt that i will get there.
Thanks so much to Tiz for his enduring support and encouragement.”

– Helene Street

“An excellent boot camp that has been a great kick start to get me back in to fitness, having gained some extra unwanted weight! Affordable, friendly and non-judgmental environment where I can pace myself. (and laugh at myself whilst pushing through the exercises) I felt the mental and physical advantages in the second week. That’s doing the food plan and workouts. The trainers are approachable, supportive and motivational when I feel like I am struggling. I like how you change the exercises and love the boxing! I cannot believe I can actually plank now! Highly recommend!”

– Leanne Willett-Hall

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