Yoga has now come to Chiseled!

We now have the availability of two yoga sessions every week with our instructor Gemma. The first class will commence on Tuesday 25th May at 7.45am and the second on Wednesday 26th May at 10am.

We will be looking at adding more sessions and we are also in talks with another instructor to potentially bring some evening and/or weekend yoga and mobility classes as well.

Best of all is that these classes will be free for all our members – included in their membership fee!

Now for $26.50 per week you will have access to unlimited sessions, nutrition support and yoga. For our loyalty members this will be even lower at $23 per week.

Keep an eye out for more potential yoga classes to come on different days and times.

Remember if you are not a member with us, you can also try us for a free session by signing up here on our website and going to the Contact Us section to sign up for a free session.